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The Boardwalk Guesthouse of Nahariya was established to create a dream vacation for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing beachfront getaway. While many hotels and other types of lodging facilities exist in the area, the owners of Beit Yosef felt that there was a lack of options for travelers who want and expect something different. The Beit Yosef Boardwalk Guesthouse provides such a vacation experience for people are looking for private luxury combined with the comforts of home and other sumptuous indulgences.

Boardwalk Beit Yosef offers visitors a stunning guesthouse facility which is situated right on the Mediterranean shoreline. Guests can walk to the ocean which is located five minutes from the guesthouse or gaze at the shoreline from the guesthouse balcony.

The guesthouse is specifically suited to couples who look forward to a romantic getaway in the Nahariya Bed and Breakfast. The guesthouse offers an entire apartment for relaxation and spacious comfort.

The living room has been designed as a warm, cozy space with comfortable sofas, throw pillows and a mahogany library where guests can peruse a wide range of leisure books. The full-kitchen offers options for guests to prepare their own food if they want to enjoy their meals in the guesthouse suite. The guesthouse includes all Shabbat amenities including a hot plate and hot water urn.

The airy bedroom is decorated with luxurious flowered bedding and cozy pillows. Guests sleep on a restful mattress and can relax by watching the flat-screen television which includes cable TV. A mahogany closet completes the atmosphere of functional luxury.

The bathroom features a genuine sauna where guests can sooth their muscles with calming steam before enjoying a peaceful shower.

Our Excellent Service

The Beit Yosef chain of guesthouses has built a reputation for providing high quality accommodations in Northern Israel. The chain continues to expand throughout the region with the goal of ensuring that travelers have access to superior accommodations when they plan their vacation.

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